What makes Plavinci wines unique

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ImageVinogradi Restaurant
Vinogradi Restaurant

Famous in the 1970s when Sofia Lauren, Louis Armstrong, Henry Kissinger, Apollo 11 astronouts and the like were its clients. Tito held lunch here for 17 different Heads of State. It fell into disrepair in the 1990s, but the new owner returned it to its former glory. For reservations call +381 11 424 28 00

ImageUrban Cowboy Ranch
Urban Cowboy Ranch

Learn about the famous cowboy-prefered horse breed Quarter Horse. Take a ridning lesson, or just travel the countryside if you are an experienced rider. Horses are fed with own-produced organic feed. Modest accomodations are offered for overnight visitors. For information call+381 61 174 63 17

ImageVinča Archeological Site
Vinča Archeological Site

At the crossroads of strategic waterways and roads, Vinča had become the largest European market town 5300-4300 B.C. On display are luxurious ceramic dishes, richly decorated ritual vases, figurines, jewelry and other objects. For guided tours call +381 11 806 53 34

ImageSmederevo Fortress
Smederevo Fortress

In 15th Century Smederevo was a modern capital city and a safe military stronghold. For rather short period Smederevo became vibrant political, religious, cultural, commercial and economic center of Serbia. For guided tours call +381 26 61 28 40

ImageObrenović Royal Villa
Obrenović Royal Villa

During the reign of King Milan (1868 - 1889) his beautiful wife Natalia presided over cultural and political life in Serbia in their summer house on the Golden Hill above the Danube. With 12ha of vineyards and a winery, it must have been fun. Guided tours only. Call +381 26 61 56 66

ImageJeremić Winery
Jeremić Winery

An architecturally unique, medium size winary with a small concert hall. Wine tasting events with performances by famous musicians are regular. Best Sauvignon Blanc in Serbia. Not organic, but with reduced intervention. To book a visit or ask about events call +381 26 67 10 07