Long time ago most hills on the right bank of the Danube between Belgrade and Smederevo were planted with vineyards. As sailors coming up the river passed the two islets at the town of Grocka, a hill would emerge to their left. This hill, covered in vines sprayed with Bordeaux mixture (copper sulfate) and facing South-Southeast, would shine brilliant indigo color in the morning sun. So, they called it Plavinci, meaning Indigo Hills.

Wine went out of fashion for almost a hundred years and the XX century saw vegetable farms, apricot and sweet cherry orchards and, more than anything, weekend retreats of the emerging middle-class of Belgrade, replace the vineyards. But the name and a few vineyards remained.
In 2008 a small parcel in Plavinci was reclaimed from neglect and in 2010 first organic vines were planted. More land was added, building of the winery was initiated, and in 2014 the first wine emerged.

In cooperation with nature

Organic and sustainable

This badge on our bottles is your guarantee that our wines were made in cooperation with nature. We are controlled and certified by EcoCert.


We hand pick, bottle and label. In Plavinci we invest up to ten times more labor per bottle than in the conventional wineries. We are not looking to corner the market. We are looking for those few who know how to appreciate a good thing.

No additives

Regulations allow for use of 59 different chemicals in winemaking.  We don’t use them. If you want to know what other than grapes you may find in conventional wines, click below.

New aromas and tastes

Did you know that there are over 1.368 grape varieties used to make wine around the world. But more than 1/3 of all wines are made from only 13 varieties. We want to bring some excitement into your life, so we make wines from uncommon varieties.


Did you know that wines are clarified with egg whites, milk, pig and beef gelatin and fish bladder. Traces of them stay in wine, even after filtration. If we need to clarify wines, which we rarely do, we use clay called bentonite. We don’t use any animal products in our winery, so our wines are 100% vegan-safe.


Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) is a legal system of designating highest quality wines and certifying that they are made in a limited geographical area from grapes grown in the same area. Look for AOC on French or DOCG on Italian wine labels.

Plavinci wines are certified as highest quality wines from the Belgrade Wine Region.