Winery Visits

We are a small family homestead and most of the time are either
working in the vineyard, delivering wines, or attending fairs. If you
should come unannounced you may find us closed. So please, call first.

Our mobile/Viber/WhatsApp number is +381 66 29 28 27.

We are usually open Tue-Sun 14h-20h. Check Google Maps for current operating days/hours.

You can come to purchase wines at cellar pricing at short notice.
However, if you want wine tasting with some food (1,5-2hr), you must
book at least one day ahead.


When the weather is nice, from time-to-time we organize food&wine events on our terrace. Look for the announcements on our Facebook page.

We also rent out the terrace for private events. Call for details.