Sustainable, certified organic production


At Plavinci winery we try to make our environment better than what we’ve found. We do not use heavy machinery that compacts the soil. We do not till the soil, only mow the ground cover. A major soil examination project by the University of Belgrade conducted in our vineyards in 2021 found that at the depth between 45cm and 80cm, the rooting zone, our humus content is above 3,3% and that we have sufficient nutrients for healthy development of our vines. And we haven’t fertilized the soil since vineyard was planted in 2010.

We have drip irrigation and deep water well (168m), but we’ve used it in only two extreme dry years when vineyard was still young. Since we don’t use detergents or other chemicals for cleaning in the winery, we capture the waste water and use it for our vegetable garden.

We take great care of biodiversity. Conventional vineyards are the ultimate monoculture and hugely damaging to eco-system. We have set aside 7% of our vineyard soil for native plants and introduced shrubs that attract beneficial insects.


We don’t use any systemic chemicals or fertilizers in our vineyards. We make compost tea, use preparations from algae and plants and grow ground cover that is later mulched and left in place.

We ferment on natural yeasts and don’t add anything to the wine during processing. Wine is not filtered and contains up to five times less sulfites than allowed for the organic production.

We don’t use any animal products either, which makes our wines vegan safe.